Our personal service will provide you with telephone support throughout the registration process. In addition, we can explain the platform, crowdfunding and the investment process to you in more detail. 

The crowdfunding / funding period is defined as 1 to 3 years.

We accept Euros and provides returns in Euros.  Unfortunately we cannot accept other currencies at this point and will be expanded in the future.

Every legal adult and legal person can invest money in audited corporate projects by means of crowd investing. Corporations and partnerships can also invest. These are Austrian emissions and substantive Austrian law applies. The minimum investment is EUR 250.

Please enter “Company” as the first name, the full company name as the last name and the managing director or the authorized person responsible as the title.That person’s gender and date of birth are to be given and that person’s photo ID and the extract from the commercial register must be uploaded as photo ID.Enter the company data in the remaining fields.

Yes, It is possible to invest more than EUR 5,000 per projectat a maximum of twice the average monthly net income or 10% of the available financial assets. Professional investors can also invest larger amounts with Edelvie Holding.

You may choose for a monthly repayment plus interest or annual repayment as an investor you will receive your capital plus the entire interest back.

Yes, of course every consumer has the 14-day notice with right of withdrawal from the conclusion of the contract. This will be pointed out separately when the contract is concluded.

Edelvie Holding GmbH is an Austrian entity registered in Vienna , Austria. It is issuing these fixed income funds under the Austrian Alternative Financing Act (AltFG Alternativfinanzierungsgesetz) hence all litigation matters will be resolved at the commercial court of Vienna.

Edelvie Gold Trade Ltd is an Indian subsidiary who is also a member of the Indian Chamber of Commerce. In case of issues the Indian Chamber of Commerce along with the Austrain Chamber of Commerce must be involved.

When you invest through Edelvie Holding GmBh, you give the company a loan (subordinated loan). This is generally unsecured in Austria. Since in the unlikely event of insolvency, subordinated loan creditors are only satisfied after the bank and supplier, hence a total loss can be assumed in this case. Since subordinated loans are fundamentally risky investments, high interest rates are paid out to investors.

Edelvie Holding  is legally obliged to determine your identity and this can only be done through a fully completed profile. In addition, we are obliged to take measures to prevent money laundering and the fight against terrorism. It is therefore imperative that you fill out your profile completely

Please note that you cannot change your IBAN for legal reasons during an investment. Should you wish to do so, please contact us.

No capital gains tax is deducted in Austria. At the end of the term, the issuer transfers the interest (and of course the capital) to you without any deductions. You will receive an interest message from which you can see your earnings.

For Austrians: As a natural person residing in Austria, interest payments are subject to income tax in accordance with Section 27 (2) Z2 EStG.

Tax-free allowance acc. Section 41 (1) of the EStG: In

accordance with section 41 (1) Z1, persons subject to income tax only have to prepare an income tax return if the income not subject to income tax exceeds EUR 730.00, or if another condition exists.

Income up to EUR 730 is therefore tax-free.

There is a transitional provision up to the amount of EUR 1,460.

Proceeds from any sale are also subject to income tax.

For investors from Germany:: The capital gains tax (AT) or withholding tax (DE), which accrues for the receipt of interest income, is not withheld and paid by the borrowers since the interest is not profit-related. All interest income must therefore be declared in the investor’s personal income tax return or employee assessment. To deal with the interest income on investments from business assets or with other tax questions, please contact your tax advisor or tax office.

(a)Proof of Identity (any one of the following)
  • Passport
  • Driving licence
(b) Proof of address (any one of the following)
  • Bank account statement
  • Electricity bill

Risk Management

Risk Area Definition Mitigation
Operational risk The risk of direct or indirect loss due to the failure of systems, people or processes, or due to external events. Installation of centralised monitoring and surveillance cameras in our branches • Instituted several checking mechanisms in place to ensure smooth operations, including an operating manual and conducting internal and external audit reviews Centralized our monitoring systems and involved the internal audit department in the overall risk management
Collateral risk Downward fluctuation in gold prices could lead to loss of profits Have a policy of retention of at least 25% of the gold price of jewellery to determine the loan calculation amount leaving out the costs of design and production and the gemstones associated with making the item for the calculation of loan amount • The sentimental value of gold jewellery induces repayment and redemption of collateral even if the value of the collateral falls below repayment amount
Credit risk Failure of either counterparty to abide by the terms and conditions of any financial contract with us • Liquidity of the collateral (gold jewellery) diminishes this risk to some extent as there is remote possibility of recovering less than the amount due because of adequate security margin
Market risk Refers to potential losses arising from the movement in market values of interest rates. The objective of market risk management is to avoid excessive exposure to the volatility inherent in financial instruments Fixed rates of interest for majority borrowings, and all loansand advances minimize interest rate risk
Liquidity risk Involves the inability to raise funds from the market at optimal costs to meet operational and debt servicing requirements • Regular meetings are organized to review liquidity position based on future cash flows • Potential impact of prepayment of loans are tracked at a realistic estimate of its near to medium term liquidity position • Low liquidity risk in operations due to the nature of business, which uses funds from issue of debentures and bank loans with longer maturity periods than the loans disbursed.
Foreign Exchange risk Foreign exchange risk refers to the losses that an international financial transaction may incur due to currency fluctuations